Lend Lease: we aren't building Bendigo Hospital for nothing - that's slavery

Published: 8 Apr 2016

Workers from Lend Lease Bendigo Hospital job have nowhere else to go except their union. You won’t see Turnbull's FWBC ensuring workers are paid.

Here's a bit of history on this Lend Lease project:

* numerous safety breaches
* visa violations and rorts
* breaches of project agreements
* operation of insolvent companies
* Lend Lease withholding payments to sub-contractors
* withholding wages and entitlements to workers  

Just the day before, Prime Minister Turnbull and Workplace Relations Minister Michaelia Cash were sipping lattes with Lend Lease management. The CFMEU hopes that the plight of these workers, who can’t afford to put food on the table right now was on the agenda, but we doubt it.