Dean Hall - CFMEU ACT Divisional Branch Secretary Resigns

Published: 19 Feb 2018

After more than eight years as Secretary of the CFMEU’s ACT Divisional Branch Dean Hall has announced his resignation effective Tuesday 3 April 2018.

The President of the ACT Divisional Branch Mr Jennings said “Mr Hall’s resignation is a large shock to us all. Dean has led our Branch with distinction since assuming the role in 2010.”

During his tenure Mr Hall has faced many difficult, complex and heart wrenching challenges. “Guiding and consoling the families and friends of construction workers killed in workplace accidents has been the most difficult part of my job”, said Mr Hall.

“Unfortunately, the ACT continues to have one of the worse records for workplace fatalities and serious injuries.  Workplace safety has always been at the core of my role as a trade union official.”

Mr Jenning’s reflected on the many achievements of the ACT Branch over the past eight years and said, “Dean has unlimited passion and commitment to workers’ rights and has instilled a culture in the organisation which is about leaving no stone unturned when it comes to protecting and advocating workers’ rights and safety in the work place.”

Mr Jennings also said “Dean has been involved with the CFMEU in various roles for over 20 years and his commitment to working people will be long remembered and the Branch is in a much stronger position due to his relentless commitment.”

“I am proud of many achievements as Branch Secretary.” said Mr Hall.

“Among the Branch’s successes that I am most proud of include:

  • Securing sector pattern agreements in each of the major construction trades which guaranteed workers annual 5% wage increases and improved working conditions.  This includes industry leading agreements on major infrastructure projects such as the Majura Parkway construction and Capital Metro Light Rail.
  • Growing the Branch’s membership threefold.
  • Campaigning for improved workplace health and safety standards on ACT construction sites including a strong response to the Getting Them Home Safely report.
  • Providing income protection insurance coverage to thousands of ACT construction workers through enterprise agreement making.  Income protection insurance is an important reform as it affords workers dignity in pay when they are injured.
  • Successfully campaigning for the protection of private sector workers compensation rights in the ACT.”

“As in most jobs there have been aspects of my role as ACT Secretary that I have not enjoyed” said Mr Hall.

“The Trade Union Royal Commission and the associated politically motivated police actions against the Branch.  These events were part of a concerted attack on the rights of workers and organised labour in Australia by business, the MBA and their political lackeys.  It is a testament to the Branch and its officials that we withstood these attacks and are more united and stronger than ever before.”

In announcing his resignation to staff this morning Mr Hall concluded by saying: “It has been a privilege and honour to serve the CFMEU and its members.  It is construction workers who have built this city with their labour, not the politicians or property developers.  This Union, and in particular the ACT Branch, have a strong past and vital future in the fight for workers’ rights in the nation’s capital.  I look forward to standing alongside the Branch and its members in their future struggles”.